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Fresh nutritious food

The Sustainers is our end to end solution to communities. Giving you the opportunity to get food security all year around. 

Within this controlled environment, using our LED Grow Lamps and vertical hydroponics system, communities and agencies are able to grow crops with a higher nutrition value, and more mass, making sure the community is well fed.



The SusTainer is a space where individuals and groups can get an education. From primary school through to tertiary education, affiliated by prestigious institutions around the world. We've also partnered with Fab Lab to spark the entrepreneurial spirits among the community.

Waterless sanitation

With our SusTainer solution, you get a waterless sanitation container consisting of 6 SavvyLoo Toilets.

We've partnered with the world's number 1 waterless toilet manufacturer, Pennine Energy Innovation.

Some SavvyLoo features:


  • Completely waterless

  • No toxic sludge

  • No digging required

  • Dignified & green


Sustainable & Off-grid

We are aware of the fact that disaster zones, relief structures and communities cannot always depend on the availability of infrastructure and basic services.

That is why we provide an off-grid, solar-powered version of the Sustainer solution (excluding Fab Labs).  We also take the availability of clean, fresh water into consideration by providing 2 x 5000l tanks with enough fresh water to operate the farm at full capacity for 4 months! 

what you get

  • 4 x 12m Container Farms - Focussing on nutritious yields

  • 1 x Waterless Sanitation Container

  • 1 x Training Center or Fab Lab

  • 1 x Café (add-on)

We can also do a customised order which suits your needs best.